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Dept. of Special Education  

Our School has been restructuring since 1979 for the Taipei Municipal Teachers College (The predecessor of the Taipei Municipal University of Education), began the establishment of the special education group divided into gifted and talented and disabilities two groups. On July 1, 1987, the school was ordered to the restructuring of the Taipei Municipal Teachers College, to participate in the JUPAS (Joint University Programs Admissions System) recruit interested in the education of young people graduating from high school, according to the needs of the elementary teacher set up the department of Special Education, the beginning of the establishment of the department on teachers to prepare the development plans of the Department of works and curriculum design, head of department affairs, expansion equipment , and continued to promote the development of its department. In addition to nurturing special education teacher for elementary and kindergarten, with the Department of Special Education Center regularly organizes various special education learning activities at home and abroad academic keynote speech to raise quality of special education counseling in Taipei.

On August 1st 1995, the undergraduate department (including the Master) has begun to recruit two classes of students, "Disability Education Institute was established in August 2000, the first recruit graduate students are ten, as the first director of the Dr. Li Shui Yuan to promote the service matters. In August 2001, the number of enrollment increased to 15 people. August 1, 2003, succeeded by Dr. Yang Kun Tang as the second director of the establishment of a special education teaching master program, provided a opportunities for the In-service Master’s Program.
Later, the Department of dedicated view of Taiwan related to create a thinking with gifted aspects of development and research in the steady growth, by the time most of the colleges still have no creation of thinking or gifted education institute (including the Master), (three National Taiwan Normal University, National Taiwan Normal University, only a gifted group, the rest were merge into the Institute of Special Education). The Department (including the Master), especially in August, 2003, approved to established creating thinking with Gifted Education Institute, the Dr. Chen Long An served as the first director, will enhance the original creative thinking education center scale depth, and the establishment of the academic reputation of the school in creative thinking or owned endowed excellent education. August, 2004, by Dr. Zhang Shi Hui served as the second founding director. Change after the 2006 academic year, gifted group "and" creative thinking group "Master, two years after, two groups merged call the gifted group in the master classes.

In addition, in response to the trend of the world, the basis of modern speech and hearing science education and communication barriers, training professionals working in educational institutions and language therapist in elementary school based on the current extreme lack of mining individual way, and by mid-substitutions service performance open to question, by the special education system within its own training of special education teachers communication barriers to professional competence, substantial help to improve special education quality. Special education at the Ministry of Education, the Department of the implementation of the group's grant under the "communication barriers Institute of Education, was established in August, 2004, by Dr. Wang Dayan served as founding director. Incorporated into the master program in the 2006 academic year is changed after communication disorders group, and December 31, 2007 the annual independent communication barriers Master Program of Education for school. "

Since August 2006, the original three institutes enlarged factors incorporated into the Department of Special Education, served as the first head of the department by Professor Zhang Shi Hui; the following year associate professor Chen Zhang Yi took over as the second director; in February 2008 associate professor Ge Zhu Ting, took over as the third director; on August 1, 2002 associate professor Cai Kunying took over as the fourth director of the Republic of China a hundred years from 1 Augustby Huang Ruizhen associate professor, took over as director of 5, 1 February, 2001, succeeded by Professor Zhang Shihui sixth director, is responsible for the administrative work. The Department (including Master) experienced excessive department head or director, managed to arrange, as well as joint efforts of all teachers and students, has been committed to the task of elementary school and pre-school special education teacher education, counseling and social services, as well as creative thinking, owned endowed excellent communication disorders and disabilities and other special education related to the field of academic development.


The educational goals of the Department of Special Education
1.Nurturing of special education teachers
2.Training to become the special education administrative personnel
3.Nurturing the professionals of special education institutions
4.To improve special education professional knowledge and personnel

The education goals for the Master Education
(I)Disability group
1. Committed to the education of the handicapped and interdisciplinary academic research
2. Culture with disabilities education academic research talent
3. Enhance the in-service teachers and administrative staff of the physical and mental barriers to educational research knowledge.

(II)Gifted and Talented
1. Training gifted education academic research talent people.
2. To enhance the in-service teachers and administrative staff with Gifted and Talented Education Research knowledge.
3. Training the gifted education professionals.

(III)The education goals for the Master Education (Evening Classes)
1. Strengthen the professional knowledge of disability education of clinical diagnosis and treatment.
2. Study with disabilities educational theory and policy, to serve beneficial future development disabilities education.
3. To have the ability to solve and research problems with disabilities.
4. To enhance the ability with the curriculum and teaching research development and integration with disabilities education domain of theory and technology.