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Master Program of Individuals with Disabilities



Dept. of Special Education 


Master Program of Individuals with Disabilities


(I)Concept Goals:

This group is wide for people who have interested in the field of special education research from our society, with disabilities education of academic research and clinical diagnosis, and teaching ability of advanced professionals can nurture and education of future disability teaching, academic research and policy to bring about a constructive development.

(II)Course objectives and characteristics:
1.The group of curriculum design architecture mainly oriented to professional knowledge and heavy research ability of training.

2.The group of Theory and Practice of disabilities disabled two subjects of the curriculum and teaching and research based convergence first-year graduate students’ required courses, graduate students is based on these two subjects and choosetheir own majors. Higher Education Statistics research capacity training, places to study law, as a required course, and then by the graduate students' single subject research and other related subjects of research methods to study courses convergence related subjects’ reaches deeply and widely.

3.Cultivate graduate with disabilities education of professional competence, the curriculum design focus of the group are as follows.
(1) Strengthen professional competency disabilities education clinical diagnosis and treatment.
(2) To study each country’s disabilities education theory and policy, to serve beneficial to provide educational reference for Taiwan's future development disabilities.
(3) Train graduate students with disabilities education problem solving ability.
(4) Integration the disabilities education domain of theory and technology, enhance the ability of post-graduate courses and teaching research and development.

(III)Educational Goals:
1.Culture with disabilities education academic research talent
2.To enhance the in-service teachers and administrative staff with disabilities educational research knowledge.
3.To Train people become a professionals’ expertise in the special education disabilities field.