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Master Program of Gifted Education



Dept. of Special Education 


Master Program of Gifted Education


(I)Concept goals:

Curriculum planning, of the group is to explore gifted the theory, curriculum and instruction, assessment and parenting education, research, as well as other related issues, as the cornerstone of advanced academic studies lay the gifted field, period allows students to music in learning, thinking and enhance the knowledge and ability to promote the social progress of the country.

(II)Course objectives and characteristics:
The course structure of the group mainly includes two parts:

1.Required courses;

2.Elective courses. Required courses including social science researchers must study law and Statistics with the main theoretical basis, and supported by the empirical case studies, to facilitate writing of the thesis. The elective include topics related to gifted.

(III)Educational Goals:
1.Train gifted education, academic research and creative thinking talented person.
2.Enhance the in-service teachers and administrative staff of gifted a superior education research knowledge.
3.Culture the Gifted and creativity training personnel.